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Lorena Young Jewelry

Lorena Young Jewelry

We offer a great variety of fine solid gold and sterling silver jewelry including diamonds and other precious gemstones for both men and women. Choose from many different hand-crafted styles and designs to fit your special occasion and budget. 


Lorena's jewelry collection is exquisite and very unique. Her knowledge and expertise in precious gemstones, jewelry design, quality, and current market prices with regards to gold and silver, are nothing short of extraordinary.

Carmen Merino

I've been purchasing jewelry from Lorena years before she opened her online store. I was always impressed by her personal service. I've never had a problem with the quality or craftsmanship of her jewelry collection. Highly Recommended!

Jordan Mayfield

I've shopped at Kay Jewelers, Zales, and Robinson Brothers and received the same, if not better, quality of gold and silver jewelry at a fraction of the price of what other retailers charge. Amazing selection at affordable prices.

Dylan Kudo