About Us

Hi There!

My name is Lorena Young. I wanted to write about my experience and background in the hope that you will become familiar with who I am and why I started this website.

I have been in the jewelry business for over 10 years as a seller and buyer of fine jewelry both online and locally. Owning a business gives me the opportunity to work from home and spend quality time with my family, especially having an autistic beautiful little girl that I care for 24/7. Over time, I gained a network of many business clients around the world and I have made many new friends from happy customers throughout my journey. My home business is my passion and I take pride in what I do.

I pride myself with having an extensive background in the area of customer experience.  I have worked in the retail industry for most of my professional career and the experience gained has been very useful to me especially when meeting clients face-to-face.

College for me was a great learning experience. My major was graphic design. My courses included graphic arts and design, photography, ad campaigns, Photoshop, and html code for web design and internet marketing.  I think there’s nothing better than getting an education, and learning from people you meet, it’s exciting because you never know what you can learn from them. It’s always good to keep an open mind.

I am inviting each and everyone of you to come and visit me and to hopefully engage and participate in a social discussion about jewelry in general.  Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to purchasing fine jewelry, so it is my hope that more people will become familiar, aware, and truly informed with jewelry and stones.

If you have any questions about my blog or a piece of jewelry you might be interested in, please feel free to contact me through the contact page, or send me an email at: lorenayoungjewelry@gmail.com Thank you for visiting my site, and have a nice day :)